Where to Have a Baby Shower

Where to Have a Baby Shower? Great Tips!

Make A Baby Shower Special: Where Is The Best Place to Throw One?

Throwing a baby shower is one of the best ways for relatives and friends to celebrate an upcoming baby.

It’s also the perfect time for others to support parents-to-be and their upcoming bundle of joy.

A baby shower can be a simple brunch out with friends.

It can also be a bodacious blowout with foods, games, and merrymaking.

Whatever the parents choose, everything must be perfectly thought out, including the event’s venue.

Where to Have a Baby Shower?

Parents are free to choose where they want to have a baby shower. It can be held at home privately or in an outside space publicly. Places like a park, a restaurant, a community center, or a garden can be the perfect spot for a baby shower. It depends a lot on the parents’ personal wants, budget, and planned guest numbers.

How To Choose The Perfect Baby Shower Location

There are a lot of factors that come into play when choosing your baby shower venue.

Parents must carefully consider all of these factors before pinpointing which place they want to book.

First and foremost, budget plays a big role in determining where your party is going to be.

A baby shower can cost around $100-$1000.

The cost can change significantly based on the things you’re going to buy.

You’ll have to think about the cost of food, decorations, music, and, of course, the location.

The second thing to consider is the number of guests. While it’s the parents’ choice on who to invite, it’s also suggested to bring only the closest of family and friends.

The number of guests can dictate where your venue is going to be. Imagine fitting 15-20 people in a tiny house. Not so comfy, is it?

Finally, you also want to consider when the baby shower is going to be.

Is it going to be during the sunny season, or is the date a little chillier?

Think of a venue where you know everybody is going to be comfortable. You don’t want people sweating or freezing during the party.

5 Venues to Book Your Baby Shower

Once you’ve figured everything out, you can then consider your venue.

Fortunately, there are plenty of places that will let you host your baby shower.

Some of them are free, while others might ask for a fee.

But what’s great is that each venue has its perks and upsides.

Here are 5 of the most common venues that you can book today.

Option 1: At Home Option

There’s nothing like a classic home baby shower.

Hosting the event at home means that the venue is somewhere comfy and free.

You can keep the environment cozy and personal. You also have your own space like your kitchen and bathroom.

The only downside is that you have to clean up everything at the end of the party.

You also have to think about preparing the food, decorations, and activities.

Option 2: At A Community Center Option

Among the other public options, the community center is by far the cheapest.

It has a lot of room, a presentable look, and is very inviting.

Most community centers allow people to decorate the place.

They might also let you borrow their sound system or projector.

There might be certain guidelines in your community center that you must abide by, though.

And you might need to reserve a time slot before you’re allowed to host an event.

Option 3: At Church

If you’re someone close to your church, why not hold a baby shower there?

A lot of local churches allow baby showers for their members.

Plenty of churches have a cozy feel to them. And church-goers are definitely friendly enough to help set up your party.

While some churches allow free baby showers, others may ask for a small fee.

You are also responsible for cleaning up after the event, so you would need to organize the food, plates, drinks etc.

Option 4: At A Restuarant

Restaurants allow people to rent their space for any special event. That also includes a baby shower.

What’s great is that the restaurant can help you decorate and plan your party. They will also do the hard work for you, like cleaning and preparing food and they have a full inventory.

Be ready for the bill afterward, though. Restaurant receptions can be a little pricey.

Option 5: Somewhere Outdoor (Like a Beach, Garden, or Park)

Finally, you can consider an outdoor event. You can host your baby shower somewhere close to nature.

Going to a beach, garden, or park can make your baby shower feel unique and refreshing.

You also have all the space you want to host games and picnics.

Some places may have a fee when it comes to hosting an event.

But at least you can rely on the scenery as your natural decoration.

The downside is the logistics.

Usually, you can not access the place directly and there is a walking distance between the parking space and the spot.

All the food, games, and drinks would need to be carried to the spot or you are renting a catering company who will set up everything. THis will give you some more time to breath.

So Where Is Your Baby Shower Going to Be?

Regardless of what place you pick, a baby shower will always be about the parents and the new baby.

What’s always important is that everyone can attend and enjoy your party.

With that said, having a great venue can really make a baby shower better.

The right ambiance will put you and your guest in a good mood.

So pick wisely with where you’re planning your party. The right location will make everything about your baby shower look and feel amazing.


There are so many options to host a baby shower. However, some of them come with more planning – and logistic efforts than others.

The key point is the number of guests.

It’s easy to host a baby shower for 5 friends in the park, but for 50 might be a bit more difficult.

So when planning a baby shower, first the guest list, then the venue.

Frequently Asked Questions About Picking a Venue for a Baby Shower

Do I need to reserve my venue before the party?

It depends on where you are booking. Some venues may require you to reserve a time and date, while others allow people to go in and out freely.

Do I need to decorate the venue?

Not necessarily! It’s your choice if you want to have any decorations for your party. Just know that it can add a little bit of personality to your baby shower.

Can I have a venue outside my town or city?

If your dream venue is outside your area, then yes! Just make sure to notify your guests about where the baby shower is going to be.