How to Host a Baby Shower at a Restaurant?

How to Host a Baby Shower at a Restaurant?

Table for 50, please?

You’ve probably been to your fair share of baby showers.

Some have been at people’s homes, others at the park under a pavilion, and some even in a break room at the office.

Maybe you’ve been the host of any of these at some point. 

Have you considered a restaurant instead?

How to Host a Baby Shower at a Restaurant?

Different from hosting a baby shower at home, a restaurant already has a full inventory, and usually, it’s no problem to add a last-minute guest. They already have a menu you can choose from and many of them offer some privacy in a party room. However, you will need to consider the following things: What kind of games do you want to play, is it allowed to decor the room, will there be guests with special needs or dietary restrictions and if so offers the restaurant a suitable menu? Let’s look at the overall plan.

What considerations to be made for your baby shower venue?

First off, you must find a location that can take the number of guests you are anticipating.

Many larger restaurants are accustomed to having larger parties for events.

Some even have an event coordinator to help you with many of the items on your to-do list.

The restaurant should also have space for your guests to dance or for the games portion of the hour.

Perhaps you need to make a few announcements?

Make sure to ask how the noise level is or if bringing your own mic/speakers will be permitted. 

What food and drinks will you have for your baby shower guests?

Planned on having 25 guests and now you count 27? No problem!

The greatest pro of a restaurant is they usually plan for the “ishes” of your event. 25-ish? 30-ish?

They will have food on the ready and some extra chairs to boot. After all, this isn’t their first rodeo.

Be sure this is one of the questions you ask if you end up choosing a smaller venue.

See what kind of selection of food they have. Do they offer buffet style with a broad selection?

Do they offer choice packages or do they have a set menu.

Also remember, that some guests may have dietary restrictions. Ask if they have gluten-free, vegan, and vegetarian options. 

Many times a restaurant will also have a beverage/drinks menu for your guests.

Think about your guests and what will be most fitting. Would you want a full bar?

Beer and wine only? Will you choose to have it be alcohol-free? 

For dessert, a baby shower can have a cake or cupcakes. Perhaps the cake is part of the reveal?

Consider If you’ll have a dessert table or if your venue can bring it out after guests have eaten their main course. 

Will your baby shower have a theme?

After choosing your theme, ask your venue what kind of decor is allowed.

Can you go all out or do they have their own supplies?

Make a plan to see the space and take inventory of all areas.

Consider where the cake/dessert table will be, a place for guests to place their gifts, and areas for centerpieces or balloons. 

Ask your restaurant if there are any restrictions to decor.

For example, you may have decals you want to stick on the wall and certain venues may not allow you to use tape on their walls.

You may have to opt for sticky tack or putty or other ways to present your theme. 

Considering games/entertainment for your event?

If you decide to have games for your baby shower, space is going to be important for your guests.

If it’s games other than Baby Shower Bingo and will require guests to get up out of their seats and participate, you need to have an area for game time.

How many games will you have? What props are necessary?

Many games will come with their own set of rules and items you will need.

Does the venue have a DJ or live music? This may be appreciable instead of games.

What will your favors be?

Baby Shower favors vary from event to event.

They can be handed to your guests as they come in, they can be placed at each table setting, or set up an area for guests to grab at their own leisure. 

If you choose a perishable or edible type of favor, consider them at each place setting for guests.

Perhaps it’s a small gift for guests to enjoy later. These may be in a themed gift bag at a table near the exit and entrance. 

Planning a gender reveal?

IT’S A ???????!!! 

The moment everyone waits for at a baby shower.

When we all get to know the gender of the baby or babies. Should you choose to combine the reveal and the baby shower.

Having a plan for the reveal can be most rewarding when planned out.

Will it be simple or have multiple steps leading up to the reveal.

Your restaurant may have a holding area where you can keep the reveal items until you get to that part of the shower.

If you plan on having a balloon filled with color-coded confetti, your venue will want to know just how messy and fun your reveal will be. 

Don’t be too concerned about the clutter and wonderful chaos.

Your event can be everything you want it to be just as long as you work with your venue and the expectations are laid out upfront. 


If you choose a restaurant that already handles the setup and takedown of your event then you gain more time to enjoy yourself along with your guests!

There are many times that you had to allow an extra hour at the end of your occasion just to clean up alone.

The best part is this can be already included in the restaurant price – your very own staff for your baby shower. 

A restaurant will be able to take care of the bulk of your guest accommodations that other locations may not deem feasible. 

The bottom line is you want to host a baby shower that your parents-to-be and their guests can have an amazing time and you will need help.

Finding a restaurant that can take care of most of the planning and/or stages of your party can help you create memories you will never forget.