About EMB

Our mission at Empowering Mom Blog has always been and still is: to inspire and empowermoms (and anyone really) to find their niche as an entrepreneur. We want to keep empowering others, like you, to make the leap from working under another’s thumb to experiencing the joy and freedom of being self-employed and successful!

We thank all of you for following along over the years.


The majority of contributors to Empowering Mom Blog are freelance writers, who make a living in that capacity. We do have contributors that work in other areas as well and are excited about what they can bring to the EMB table. No matter what business you are thinking about starting, you can glean valuable information here– about the basics of what it takes to start up, maintain, and grow your business operation successfully.

The owners of EMB work from home.  We all began on our own. Through the Internet and over time, we have formed a partnership and a sincere friendship. In early 2009, our company was LLC’d as Trifecta Strategies, an online content management company. (That means we write stuff for the web.) While our initial meeting might have been chance, it was the culmination of each of our skills in writing, marketing, and business acumen was certainly fate.

In addition to business ownership, we are all mothers of elementary-aged children.  Having to balance daily life, parental duties, and business is a day-to-day operation we are still trying to perfect. We started EMB as a way to document and share our struggles with others, especially because when we started resources like Empowering Mom Blog were few and far between.

We hope to cover all topics that may concern you about starting a business regularly. As our readers, you can have a great impact on our site and your own business start up by contributing to our website. We hope to grow our website based on what answers you are looking for about taking the leap of faith to do more with your life.

Mom’s especially have a lot to deal with before even contemplating the business aspect of a day. We hope our stories and the stories of those we know, will be a source of inspiration for you to step outside your comfort zone and live the life you dream.