What to Do ? Part Two: Exploring Your Talents

During the last few ‘recession years’ , more people have been finding creative ways to bring in supplemental income from the talents and skills they already possess. There have been many successful and profitable businesses started from on-the-side hobbies. Using your talents to increase your income is not only a great way to make money it can be a very satisfying way to build a new, full-time career.

What’s Your Talent?


Perhaps you have always had a knack for being organized and are not afraid of a little hard work. You can easily turn what comes naturally to you into an income-earning business by helping others get organized. You can work as a consultant or earn even more money by also providing the physical labor by cleaning homes, cleaning apartments when tenants vacate, or by cleaning business offices regularly. There are a lot of people who could use a little less clutter in their lives.

You may not always be able to recognize your own talents so don’t hesitate to ask friends or family for their two-cents. Don’t disregard skills you consider inconsequential either. Instead, find creative ways your skills can be of use to others.

You can also check out ideas of how others have capitalized on their skills to make money. Personal stories can be instrument in changing your perspective on the skills and natural talents you have. Seek out others who do what you might want to do and get them to talk to you about what it takes to capitalize on your talents.


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